Cheap Baby Stroller- Joovy New Groove Ultralight Review

Is it possible to buy just one stroller for your child until he or she outgrows it? It definitely is! The Joovy New Groove Ultralight is a newborn stroller that is very durable and could last you a very long time. It’s one of the few umbrella strollers that I have seen which you can use from birth until your child no longer needs a stroller.

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk more about this neat little gear.

Features of the Joovy New Groove Ultralight Stroller.

1. Can Be Used Until Your Child is 55 lbs!

Your baby can ride the Joovy New Groove Ultralight stroller until your child reaches 55 lbs. So I checked online what age should the child be when he or she reaches that weight range. According to the Center for Disease Control, 55 pounds is the normal weight of a 10 year old child. Yes, 10!  By that time, your child would no longer need a stroller, right?

This stroller has a generous weight capacity for an umbrella stroller. At 55 lbs, this could be the only stroller you will ever have to buy.

2. Great For Sleeping

I couldn’t stress enough how a full recline is so important for your baby’s comfort. The Joovy New Groove Ultralight has a near-flat recline which is the best position for protecting your baby’s spine and head and of course, a comfortable position for sleeping toddlers as

Currently, I have a non-reclinable umbrella stroller. I thought that it’s fine because my baby’s now 2 years old. But, after seeing my toddler drift to sleep in a non-reclinable stroller with her head bent on the side, it made me feel sorry for my choice. So, this feature is a must-have in my next stroller.

The Joovy New Groove also has an adjustable leg rest that you can lift up or push down for additional leg support. You don’t want your baby’s legs to be dangling while he lays flat, right? So, this is really a nice feature.

Another great surprise from this stroller is its tuck-away mesh wrap that you can pull out and wrap around the leg rest to keep your little baby’s legs from flailing. Honestly, for me, it’s not really a must-have but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

3. Spacious Even For Taller and Bigger Kids

If your baby turns out to be a tall human being, he or she won’t have to hunch down inside the stroller. The canopy is 28-inches high from the seat which will give even tall children ample head room. The seat is also spacious and comfortable. Normally, umbrella strollers have only about 12-inch wide seats, the Joovy New Groove has 14! So, if Elmo, Barbie or anyone from the gang decide to come along, they are welcome to join the ride.

4. Full-Coverage Canopy

My baby gets fussy from the hot weather so I try to avoid mid-day strolls as much as I can. But sometimes, going out is inevitable and I have no choice but to bring my little one with me.

Joovy New Groove’s canopy is large and can give ample shade from the sun when you have to go out for quick outdoor strolls. I give it extra points for using UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) canopy fabric. This material gives additional protection from the sun’s UV rays. But of course, let’s get real here, it only covers the head, right? LOL How about the rest of the body? If you want to fully protect your child from the sun, you may consider getting a canopy extension online.

Going back to the Joovy New Groove’s canopy, it has a small plastic peek-a-boo window on top with a flap cover so you can keep an eye on your little one or vice versa. It would have been better though, if they used nylon mesh on the window instead of plastic for better ventilation. Nevertheless, the canopy is great.

5. Easy to Drive
Dual Wheels with 4-Wheel Suspension

No need to veer away from parks and places with less desirable road conditions.The Joovy New Groove Ultralight is one of the best lightweight strollers to drive.

All thanks to its 6-inch dual wheels that are equipped with an all-wheel suspension. Big wheels, dual and all-wheel suspension is a winning combination when it comes to maneuverability. What I like about dual wheels is it doesn’t get caught in surface cracks easily.

On smooth surfaces, you can make the front wheels swivel for a more agile drive and lock them manually for a steadier ride on bumpy surfaces.

Tall parents will find this a joy to push. The handles are positioned 42 inches high from the ground, which means you don’t have to hunch while pushing this stroller.

6. Lots of Pockets and Storage
Well-padded, Fully Reclinable Back Rest

The storage pockets inside the stroller are such a cute detail. You can use them to hold bottles, keep little toys or maybe you can just let your little tot decide what to do with that space.

As for you, you have your own zipper pocket at the back for keeping small valuables. On top of it is a built-in, mesh parent cup holder. As if that’s not enough,  the manufacturer thought of adding another attachable cup holder that you can place near you or near the child. Isn’t that thoughtful?

The underneath storage basket is ok for an umbrella stroller but it is definitely not for Christmas shopping! It can only carry up to 5

But, like most umbrella strollers, the basket cannot be accessed from behind when the back rest is fully reclined.

7. Easy to Fold and Portable

The Joovy New Groove has the same traditional umbrella-style fold as most strollers of the same kind.
Shoulder strap

To fold, start by pushing up the locking lever that is located at the back. Next, step down on the side lever and push the whole thing forward all the way down.

To unfold, unlatch the lock at the side, push the front wheels forward and lock the frame by stepping down on the locking lever behind the stroller.


See how it’s actually done. 

Just to add, the stroller stands by itself when folded. So if you hate the idea of dust and germs getting onto your stroller while it lays on the floor, you’ll love this feature.

It also has a carry-strap for portability. Taller people will have no problems carrying this around. But, if you are a short person, like me, you might have a problem carrying this along.

8. Very Attractive Price Point

This umbrella stroller comes at a very low price of less than $150 on Amazon. Check price and color options here.

9. Other Standard Features

  • 5 Point Harness with a center lock and release button
  • 2 parking brakes  that are intuitive to use
  • Foot Rest

Limitations and Disadvantages

1. It is NOT Ultralight and It Takes Up Space

It is not ULTRAlight as the manufacturer named it to be. The Joovy New Groove weighs 15.7 lbs. It is heavier than most strollers in the umbrella category. It is also big with a folded size of 43.75 x 14 x 10 inches.

But, given its weight capacity, it is totally understandable.

2. It is NOT Allowed To Be Hand-Carried Inside the Airplane

I don’t think this comes as a surprise as most umbrella strollers are not small enough to be placed inside an airplane overhead bin. At most, you can ask the airline if it can be gate checked.


The Joovy New Groove Ultralight stroller is recommended for parents who are tall and more tolerant to weight. This stroller will be quite a challenge to carry around if you are petite. But, other than that, the Joovy New. Groove stroller has great potential to be the only stroller that you will ever need for your child.

Check out what other customers have to say here.

Do you have other questions about this product? Leave me a message below. 🙂





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