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Mountain Buggy Nano vs UppaBaby Minu

Mountain Buggy Nano

As I write this comparison between the Uppababy Minu and the Mountain Buggy Nano, I am certain that I will be writing for 2 different kinds of people 1) those who are after high quality 2) those who are very practical about their spending. These 2 strollers are worlds apart when it comes to price points but the common things about them are they are both full-featured, lightweight and great for travels. In short, these can be the only strollers that you will ever have to buy for your baby.

If you’ve read some honest reviews about the Mountain Buggy Nano, you know by now that there are some complaints about its wobbly rear wheels. If you haven’t, you can read more about it here.

But since you are here, I am assuming that you have decided to give the Mountain Buggy Nano a second look and that you are also strongly considering the Uppababy Minu despite its steep price.

Is the Uppababy Minu’s steep price worth it or is the Mountain Buggy Nano a smarter choice?

Read on.

Mountain Buggy NanoUppababy Minu
Folded Dimensions (inches)20 x 12 x 2220.5 x 11.5 x 23
Open Dimensions (inches) 33 x 22 x 38.5 28 x 20.5 x 41
Stroller Weight (lb)13 14.8
Stroller Weight Capacity (lbs)44 50
Storage Weight Capacity (lb) 11 11

Size and Portability

Mountain Buggy vs Uppababy Minu

Mountain Buggy Nano folded

I always recommend strollers that fold into a small, compact square which makes it very easy to travel with. (Sorry, , umbrella strollers. LOL) If you are short, like me, you will also love carrying the Nano and Minu around because of its folded size. Both strollers also have carry straps which is perfect for parents on the go.

The Uppababy Minu and the Mountain Buggy Nano would easily fit into airplane overhead compartments as they are tinier than most small, carry-on suitcases.  However, that doesn’t mean that they would automatically be allowed by the airlines. Some airlines have stricter carry-on luggage policies so it’s best to check with them first if they will allow.

If there’s one thing that gives the Mountain Buggy Nano an advantage over the Uppababy Minu is its stroller weight. The Nano is lighter at only 13 lbs while the Minu weighs almost 15 lbs.

Uppababy Minu vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Uppababy Minu Folded

Winner: Mountain Buggy Nano


Weight Capacity

The Uppababy Minu may be heavier but it actually can support a child until he or she is 50 lbs heavy. On the other hand, the Mountain Buggy Nano has a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs which is also not bad for its stroller weight.

So, if we base it on weight capacity alone, the Mountain Buggy Nano is expected to retire sooner than the Uppababy Minu.

Winner: Uppababy Minu

Travel-System Ready

If you are still expecting a baby or has just recently gave birth, I would recommend that you get travel-system ready strollers, like the Nano and the Minu.

These strollers are very versatile because you can pair it with a bassinet or an infant car seat. For the Uppababy Minu, you can purchase their bassinet which is called a From Birth Kit, for the Mountain Buggy Nano, it’s called a Cocoon. These bassinets can be used from birth until your baby reaches 6 months old.

But what I love about the Uppababy Minu is that its stroller can be used by your baby as soon as he or she reaches 3 months old. That means, you have the option to not buy the bassinet at all if you will not be going out a lot on the first 3 months post birth.

For the Nano, you will have to wait for the baby to turn 6 months before making him or her ride the stroller without

Uppababy Minu vs Mountain Buggy Nano

UppaBaby Minu with Mesa car seat

the bassinet.

Both strollers are also compatible with infant car seats.

Uppababy Minu is compatible with the following brands

As for the Mountain Buggy Nano,  there’s no need to buy a separate adapter. It comes with its own adapter that are compatible with the following car seats:

The Uppababy Minu’s feature that allows 3-month old babies to safely use the stroller seat and Mountain Buggy Nano’s universal car seat adapter makes them both winners of this round.

Winner: Tie

Maneuverability and Suspension

Mountain Buggy NanoUppababy Minu
Wheel Size (in)5.5 inches5 inches front, 7 inches rear
Uppababy Minu vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Uppababy Minu Rear

If you belong to team Uppababy Minu, congratulations! The Minu’s superior driving performance will definitely leave the Mountain Buggy Nano behind. Equipped with bigger wheels, 5 inches at the front and 7 inches at the back, the Uppababy Minu will surely perform better even off-road.

It also has an all-wheel suspension which will absorb minor bumps. Your little one will experience less vibrations when strolling on grassy and cobblestone streets in the Minu.

The Mountain Buggy Nano, on the other hand, has a standard 5-inch EVA wheels with a rear-wheel suspension. EVA wheels is a rubber material that is also used in bikes which gives it traction and zero maintenance is required.

However, the Mountain Buggy Nano has quite a reputation because of its wobbly rear wheels. Some users have complained about the rear wheels falling off from time to time. But of course, there are also users who are very satisfied with the Mountain Buggy Nano’s driving performance. I will leave it up to you to decide.

Check out other Mountain Buggy Nano users’ reviews here.

Winner: Uppababy Minu

Ease of Fold

Another reason why I am a little biased with the Uppababy Minu is because of its one-hand fold. As a mom of an active toddler, I give this feature a 2 thumbs up. While holding your little one, you just have to grab the handlebar, slide the slider, press the button that is also located at the handlebar and push the stroller down to fold.

To unfold it, just release the latch which you can find at the side of the frame and pull up the handlebar to unfold the Minu. It’s so easy to do and a great feature especially when you are in a public area and you don’t want to let your little one go for one second.

Watch the folding demo below.

Folding the Mountain Buggy Nano is not as easy but is definitely not rocket science. Its fold is similar to the Babyzen Yoyo Plus. All you have to do is, with both hands, pull back the canopy and push the back seat forward all the way down. What I don’t like about the Nano’s fold is it requires both hands to do the work which would not be convenient if you are alone with your little one.

Unfolding the Nano is the same as unfolding the Minu. Just unlatch the lock by the side of the chassis and pull up the handlebar.

I would easily give this round to the Uppababy Minu because of it’s one-hand fold feature.

Winner: Uppababy Minu


Uppababy Minu's Back Rest

Uppababy Minu’s Back Rest

Mountain Buggy NanoUppababy Minu
Recline approx. 145 degrees approx. 145 degrees
Height of Canopy from Seat (in)2726
Canopy2 panels and a pop out sunvisor2 panels and a pop out sunvisor

No need to cut short your itinerary if your little one decides to sleep while strolling. The Mountain Buggy Nano and the Uppababy Minu guarantees to give your little one a comfortable nap with its reclinable seats that go as low as 145 degrees approximately.

As I mentioned earlier, babies as young as 3 months old can use the Uppababy Minu even without the bassinet, for the Mountain Buggy Nano, you have to wait until baby is 6 months old.

For more support, both strollers have adjustable leg rests that you can lift up to keep your baby’s legs from awkwardly dangling.

If your baby happens to grow tall and large, you don’t have to buy a bigger stroller as both strollers have spacious seats and ample head room to accommodate your growing kid.

Both strollers have decent-sized, 2-paneled canopies with tuck-away sun visors to cover your little one’s head from the harsh sun.

Winner: Uppababy Minu


Both strollers have a standard 5-point harness that will ensure that your baby stays in place while you stroll.

The 2 strollers have different braking mechanisms. For the Uppababy Minu, it has 2 color coded levers on each rear

Uppababy Minu vs Mountain Buggy Nano Review

Nano’s brake

wheel. The red lever on one side is for engaging the brake, the green lever on the other side is for releasing it.

As for the Mountain Buggy Nano, it has 1 color-coded lever on one side of the rear wheel. Using your foot, just step on the red part of the lever to halt and step on the blue part to release the brake.

Just a red flag that I want to share, there are some users who complained about the Mountain Buggy Nano’s brake that sometimes goes on and off by itself. From their end, the manufacturer has been helpful in addressing the issues by sending repair kits or sometimes replacing parts to troubleshoot the problems.

Winner : Uppababy Minu


Uppababy Minu's 100% Full-grain leather handle

Uppababy Minu’s 100% Full-grain leather handle

The Uppababy Minu’s horizontal handlebar is an eye-catcher with its 100% genuine leather cover. It is high enough for tall parents to push without hunching at 41-42 inches from the ground approximately.

The handlebar of Mountain Buggy Nano is pretty standard. It is covered with foam for easy grip and positioned at about 38-39-inch from the ground which makes it ok to push for people who are even as tall as 5’9.

If you are a taller person, the Uppababy Minu might be more ideal for you.

Winner: Uppababy Minu

Bonus Feature

Mountain Buggy Nano vs Uppababy Minu

Mountain Buggy Freerider Board

The Mountain Buggy Nano can be attached with a Mountain Buggy Nano Freerider Stroller Board at the back. This is perfect treat if you have an older kid who wants to hitch a ride. The Freerider Stroller Board can carry another 44-lb child.


Now here’s a possible deal breaker for some. If you are eyeing the Uppababy Minu, it might make some dent on your budget. The Minu retails at around $400 on Amazon while the Mountain Buggy Nano costs just half of that, around $200.

Check out the Uppababy Minu’s price and product details here  and Mountain Buggy Nano’s price and details here.

Winner: GB Pockit Plus


I have been wishing to get an Uppababy Minu but the price is just too high for my budget. But if price is not an issue for you, this is a gear that I highly recommend because of the fullness of its features and quality that is guaranteed. With this product, it is true that you get what you pay for, that is, high-end price = high-end materials and design.

The Mountain Buggy Nano is not too bad for a budget stroller. It also has pretty much everything that the Minu has. But given some issues that were raised, you have to manage your expectations. I wouldn’t mind buying this for myself as well. Guilt-free purchases are always a good thing. For its price, I would say that it is a good deal.

Overall, if I will have to vouch for just one stroller, it would be the Uppababy Minu.

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