Just freshly released, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is now out in the market, following the success of its older version, the Baby Jogger City Tour. If you’ve been eyeing the Babyzen Yoyo Plus but having second thoughts about it because of its price, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a great stroller to compare it to simply because they are so much alike.

But, Is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 at par with the Babyzen Yoyo Plus?

Read on.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2Babyzen Yoyo Plus
Folded Dimensions (inches) 17 x 7 x 21.617 x 7 x 20.5
Stroller Weight (lb)14.313.6
Stroller Weight Capacity (lb)4540
Storage Weight Capacity (lb)1511

Size and Portability

Yoyo + Folded

City Tour 2

Carrying both  strollers around is easy because they are light and small, designed to fit inside airplane compartments. Although both strollers are small, it is always a good idea to check first with the airline if they could be carried inside the airplane. Each airline has their own carry-on luggage policies that may be different from others.

Both strollers are lightweight but Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is heavier by a pound. It also does not help that the City Tour 2 does not have an attached shoulder strap like the Yoyo Plus. In order to carry the City Tour 2 stroller, you have to put it inside a backpack that comes with the package. It could be a little inconvenient especially when you are rushing.

Weight Capacity

Despite the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 being heavier, it did make up for it in terms of weight capacity. The City Tour 2 can carry a heavier cargo of up to 45 lbs while the Yoyo Plus can only carry up to 40 lbs.

Travel System Ready

Baby Jogger Bassinet

Babyzen Newborn Pack

Both strollers can be used from birth. You can pair them both with a bassinet. You can get a Tour 2 Bassinet for Baby Jogger and Newborn Pack for the Babyzen Yoyo Plus.

Infant car seats can also be attached to both strollers.

Babyzen Yoyo Plus is compatible with

  • BABYZEN iZi Go Modular by BeSafe (YOYO+ adapters are supplied with the seat)
  • BeSafe iZi Go & iZi Go Modular
  • Bébé Confort Pebble & Pebble Plus
  • Cybex Aton Q
  • Maxi-CosiPebble & Pebble Plus
  • Nuna Pipa
  • Maxi-Cosi® Mico AP

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is compatible with 

One bonus feature of the Yoyo Plus is it can be attached with a Babyzen Yoyo Plus Board. This scooter board will allow your young walker to hitch a ride. It even has a removable saddle that your child can sit on when he or she gets tired of standing. There’s no need to bring another stroller for your older child for short trips. This board can carry up to 44 lbs.

Maneuverability and Suspension

Baby Jogger City Tour 2Babyzen Yoyo Plus
Wheel Size (in)
5 front, 5.9 rear5
SuspensionFront wheel4-wheel

How about their driving performance? It’s actually hard to argue with Babyzen Yoyo Plus’ superb features. Despite the small wheels, the Yoyo Plus is equipped with an all-wheel suspension that absorbs mild shocks while the City Tour 2 only has shock absorbers at the front wheels. The Yoyo Plus also has a Soft Drive System feature that automatically locks and stabilizes its front wheels when it hits uneven surfaces. I’m not saying that Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is hard to maneuver, but Babyzen Yoyo Plus just glides smoother even with the slightest push.

Ease of Fold

Watch the Babyzen Yoyo Plus’ fold below.

Watch the Baby Jogger City Tour 2’s fold below.

Both the Babyzen Yoyo Plus and the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 have easy unfolding procedures. Pull the handlebars up and give it a little shake so the strollers will loosen and unfold. As for their folds, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is easier to fold because you can do it successfully with just one hand. It even challenges my favorite stroller’s fold, the UppaBaby Minu.

To fold the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, you have to start by pushing the button located at the handlebar, slide the slider, push the stroller down and pull up the handle that is located at the middle of the seat and the back rest. Unlike the Babyzen Yoyo Plus, there’s no need to bend low to do this procedure.

As for the the Babyzen Yoyo Plus, both hands are needed to push the buttons at the sides of the frame. After that, you have to push the canopy all the way back and with one hand, reach below the stroller, pull the red button, grab the metal bar beside it and lift the stroller up so the stroller automatically folds. It took me a couple of times finally get it. I must say that it feels nice and snappy. However, I appreciate Baby Jogger City Tour 2’s fold more.


Both strollers have comfortable, reclinable seats. It can go as low as 140-145 degrees, which is great when your baby falls asleep while strolling. The earlier version of the City Tour 2, the Baby Jogger City Tour, was less generous with the seat. Customers complained that it is too narrow. I’m glad that the manufacturer fixed it this time.

Their canopies are just about the same height and are high enough to accommodate older and taller kids. I like the large peek-a-boo window at the top of the Baby Jogger City Tour 2’s canopy. The window has a large opening that is covered by a mesh material which is very similar to the UppaBaby Minu. In contrast, the Babyzen Yoyo Plus’ peek-a-boo window is quite small. There is really not much to see when you peek.

What I like more about the City Tour 2 is its built-in adjustable leg rest which keeps babies’ legs from dangling especially when they are in a sleeping position. The Babyzen Yoyo Plus, however, can be attached with a leg rest that can be bought separately as an accessory on Amazon.


Both strollers have secure 5-point harnesses with a center lock and release button. If you want extra protection, you may buy an additional bumper bar for both strollers on Amazon. Also, both have a one-step brake that is very intuitive to use. Step down to lock and lift the brake to release.


They both have fixed, horizontal handlebars. The Yoyo Plus has a higher handlebar that is 42-inch from the ground while that of the City Tour 2  is approximately 38 – 39 inches high.


The Babyzen Yoyo Plus is priced at almost $500 on Amazon while the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, costs just half of that.  Note that price could go higher or lower depending on the design.

Check out other inclusions and designs by clicking the links below.


Pushing the Babyzen Yoyo Plus feels like a luxury. It’s smooth riding experience comes with a price. But if you want a stroller that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, without compromising sturdiness and essential features, then the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is also worth seriously considering.

Check out what other customers have to say about Babyzen Yoyo Plus and Baby Jogger City Tour 2.

If you have other questions about these strollers, leave me a message below. 🙂




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