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Hi! I am Sheila,  author of this website. If you’re researching for the perfect stroller for your little one, I’m here to share some tips and insights.  But first a little background about myself.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Our daughter was 8 years in the making so everybody was so excited about the news. Finally, I was pregnant!

There was no shortage of baby stuff for us. Gifts were overflowing. From mittens to sterilizers to pumps, our friends and family covered them all.

We didn’t have to spend a single cent on anything except for a stroller and a crib.

An Expensive, Rolling Piece of Mistake

Along with our newborn, my husband and I excitedly went to the store to buy her a stroller. The salesman made us try a lot of models. They all seemed fine and fancy.

We even tested the travel system with my daughter to see if she would “cry” while in it.  LOL

We’ll she did’nt. We thought it was a good sign! Clearly, we were clueless.

We didn’t  know what we were “testing” for. Neither did we know why we were buying it.  We only went along with  the salesman’s recommendation and bought home a nice looking, bulky travel system that day.


This ended up in the storage room after 6 months. It was truly an expensive, rolling piece of mistake. Haha!

Later on we realized that we love traveling with the baby and a bulky stroller  is a mismatch for our lifestyle.

Research is your Bestfriend

Strollers are a tricky purchase. There’s always something new every week- new models, features, and designs. With a gazillon options online, research is very important to help you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

No Need to Do the Guesswork

I am writing  this blog to share what I learn about the latest lightweight, travel strollers and my honest reviews so you don’t have to do the guesswork.

I may not be able to cover every model out there yet but I encourage you to read on because you might find something valuable here that will lead you to the one that best suits your family.

All the best,



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